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Live Virtual Fitness Classes

A variety of fitness classes that can be done online live with an instructor or can be done later using the recording.

Easy set up and technical support able to get you started. Workouts can be done using a computer, tablet or even your phone with options to setup on your tv for an even bigger picture.

Be passionate and do what you love.....

About me

You decide this is your year so you google the best places to workout, buy a membership, make an appointment (if necessary), pump yourself up making your guest appearance which soon becomes your last. Sound familiar?

There can be many different reasons but it comes down to accountability and feeling successful. The hardest part is the beginning. You have neglected your body and after the first workout you over do it and by day two you can hardly move. So you take a week off that turns into two, then a month and boom, its been 6 months,

Nobody has enough time, or enough hours in the day. At the end of the day you are physically and mentally exhausted without any energy left. But what if you could improve that? What if I told you, you can train your body to crave exercising, have more energy and be the healthiest you have ever been.

I'm a mom to two girls and one very defiant (but super cute) fur baby. There is nothing fancy about me, no bells or whistles. I live to eat (which is why I need you to join me virtually) and I'm just as lazy as the next person if not held accountable. Chocolates my poison and my feel good food.

It was later in my life that I learned the world of exercise went beyond the realm of just sports and it was love at the first move. Don't get me wrong, my first step class was a train wreck. I found myself in an advanced step class thinking, I'm athletic, I can do this. How hard could it be? Even though my first workout experience was a disaster, I didn't give up. I tried all the different classes more than once to give it a fair shake and soon found myself a certified fitness instructor. I couldn't wait to help share the endorphin feel good rush with everyone. I mean who wouldn't want this feeling all day everyday? Come to find out its harder than expected to get people to try something new and to break routine. In my 22 years I have heard every excuse in the book. But it comes down to this, there is no magic pill and no one has time to workout. Just like you do for everything else in life....make time for exercise to improve your physical and mental health.

So, long story short, in 2020 I found myself some internet and went virtual! Ugh, is what you are thinking right now. Yes, it was an adjustment, but we have all had to adjust and it was better than nothing. Three years in and virtual is our new consistent normal. My dream of bringing together a community had to change a little, but we still have gatherings in the warmer months and communicate via social media or texts and emails. The best part is before virtual, people may attend 2 - 3 classes a week, but now I have participants joining everyday and if they miss the live, they can catchup via the recording (better than a daytime soap opera). I would love to become the best part of your day, what brings you structure, or maybe what just gets you out of bed. Let me change your thoughts on virtual workouts and hold you accountable. Remember, its a two way street, I need you just as much as you need me. Join this tiny family.

Personalize Training???

Team/Group Training, Team Building Activities, Specialized Individual Older Adult Training, Zumba Kids and Live Circuit Training.

Success.....the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

Interested in me coming to visit you for a Team Building Session? Build a speciality program that provides something for everyone or choose one that builds on strength, cardio, balance, core or your creative side.

During the warmer months, 4 week programs available in a variety of different programs for both youth and adults. Check back here for programs offered or inquire about setting one up that works with your schedule.

Outdoor Challenge

Hike Fit

"To walk in nature is to witness a thousand miracles."

-Mary Davis

SUMMER CHALLENGE.....walk across Canada!


Location: Invista Centre

Dates: Check back for new dates and times.

Time: TBD

Equipment: Backpack, weights, water bottle, mat & a good attitude.

"More powerful than the will to win is the courage to begin." Orrin Woodward

 November Schedule

  • Holiday hours may vary and will be posted here as well as on the Virtual Warrior's FB Group. Recordings are available for 24 hours. 

  • No Live Virtual class Friday 17 Nov 2023, recording is available.


Monday 9:15 am

Strength/Core & Stretch

(weights, heavy objects, resistance band)

Monday 10:15 am

Strong Nation

(equipment, yoga mat)

Tuesday 9:00 am

30/30 Circuits/Gentle Yoga

(equipment- weights, bands and or yoga style mat )

Wednesday 9:15 am


(no equipment, yoga mat optional)

Wednesday 10:00 am


(equipment - weights or heavy objects, yoga mat & step/bench optional)


Thursday 9:00 am

15/15/30 Step/ Mini Ball Core Blast/ CIRCL Mobility

(equipment, step, mini ball and yoga mat)

Friday 9:15 am

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

(equipment required, selection of weights and yoga mat)

Friday 10:15 am


(no equipment required, just an open mind!)

Saturday 9:00 am

No class, will start back in the late Fall...enjoy the sunshine.

Saturday 9:30 am

No class, will start back in the late Fall...enjoy the sunshine.  Virtual recording available upon request.

"Doubt can only be removed by action." Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Class Descriptions

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Strengthen and tone your entire body using light to moderate weights and high repetition. The barbell or free weight workout strengthens top to bottom and is suitable for all levels.

Strong Nation

This HITT (High Intensity Temp Training) combines body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio and plyometric training moves synced to original music that has been specially designed to match every single move.

30/20/10 Circuits/Step'n Strength/ MindBody

A fun and challenging cross training mix of cardio, strength and core for a full body workout of approximately 30 minutes duration of each listed program.


Join this high energy mixed martial arts inspired workout. Decrease your stress, improve your strength and coordination with little to no impact.

(no equipment, yoga mat optional)


Strengthen your body from your shoulders to your knees with functional movements using weights and or resistance bands. This will spark a fire in your muscles you didn’t even know was possible.

Bang xem Sticks

Improve your coordination & range of motion with a dash of cardio to go along with it! Workout to upbeat music to and have your body vibrating with the endorphins pumping through your blood stream.

Chair Yoga

Improve your flexibility, concentration and strength, while boosting your mood and reducing stress and joint strain. Explore the different ranges of motion of the joints using the safety factor with the chair. Great for all levels, especially those just starting out.

CIRCL Mobility

CIRCL Mobility™ will unlock your body’s potential through flexibility, breathwork, and mobility exercises. Based on the cutting-edge science of functional movement, you’ll release physical restrictions, restore your full range of motion, and renew your core capabilities so you can move better, longer. 
With sound healing frequencies incorporated into the music, you’ll progress through a series of Macro + Micro movements promoting muscle and joint health in the only class designed to influence your psyche and bring your wellness experience full circle.

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Stability Ball

Challenge your body and use muscles you didn't know existed. Combines exercises using both the stability ball, your body weight and free weights touching on both cardio and resistance training.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

The focus is on strength, cardio and core exercises. Exercises are preformed back to back challenging your endurance in each category. Modification are provided during this high energy workout.


Pretty much the most awesome workout ever! A fitness party with a contagious blend of Latin and international rhythms set to great music, with great people burning a ton of calories without even realizing it. You don't need to be able to dance....just a good attitude!

Mind Body

Improve your range of movement through a blend of tai chi, yoga and Pilates. A non-impact strength and stretch focused program which will leave you feeling calm and centered.


Basic stepping, just like walking up and down stairs. Choose your level by add or removing risers to tone your butt and thighs. You can layer on the spice or take the mild approach....for all fitness levels.

Abs & Booty

Focused and concentrated on developing and toning your glutes and core muscles improving your overall posture. This will also leave you with stronger and leaner legs and glutes.

Mini Ball Core Blast

Fire every muscle in your body from your shoulders to your knees. Using ~8 inch mini ball to assist in single muscle recruitment, this workout will leaving you feeling strong and energized.

Always free to try! Locally owned small business. Reach out and support local today.


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